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  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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A Faint Footprint

 I took the House as my start point and drew a circle to represent a two mile radius. I have rarely strayed outside this circle which takes in Cupid Green, Piccotts End and most of Woodhall Farm.


The foot print of Grovehill House seemed to be all that was left to show the house that probably gave its name to the area.


That faint footprint has gradually revealed the presence of a horde of people who have walked the surrounding land.


 A stubborn farmer protecting his crops


 An engineer


 A Lady


 A town planner


 And always the clay caked boots of the men working the land, by hand, then with oxen, then horses and today driving tractors.  


Now, at last, I can see what Grovehill House was like before it was demolished in the 60s as I have been given prints of drawings of the house and stables.

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Grovehill House & Park Peter Wagon Artist


House 2

By permission of Peter Wagon Fine Arts

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