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Acknowledgements and Contact Me

When I started the Grovehill Chronicle I drew on scraps of information and personal experience that I had gathered over the many years that I had lived in Grovehill. I also recalled bits of information from the various books that I have read and the rich debates that I have had with my friends about the history, geology, natural history, geography and demographics of the area. One of my many challenges of designing this site has been making all these fit together in a coherent and attractive time line.


As you will soon realise, I am no historian and this is not an academic study, I am just a gleaner. Whilst I have tried to be as accurate as possible most of the information here is that of generalisation which I feel is appropriate.


 Whilst my aim is to be as accurate as possible and I welcome contact with anyone who feels that they can add to this, a study like this one has, in the end, to be a personal journey, with personal interpretation.


I extend my gratitude and thanks to all those people who have encouraged me by visiting the Computer Cafe at Grovehill Community Centre to add their memories and wealth of information to the site.


I have to thank also those many generous people who have visited me to tell me their memories and also those who have searched out photos etc and written down their reminiscences. These have greatly enriched the site.