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  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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 Dacorum Borough Council


 Why Dacorum?

In a Saxon treaty between Danes and English the River Lea was to be a boundary.


This boundary of Dacorum was in use before AD975 and it is suggested that a monk writing about this area made an error and described it as the Hundred of the Danes so the name for the area probably came from Daneis (a Dane) corrupted into Danicorum then to become Dacorum.


Dacorum Hundred

The term 'hundred' was a unit of English local government, somewhere between village and shire and survived into the 19th century. It was a measure of the 100 hides or units of land required to support one peasant family.


The word 'ward' for an area of land dates from this time and was used more in the northern counties.  


Hemel was first recorded in Saxon times in a charter of 705, a grant of land from Offa, King of the Saxons to the Bishop of London in the homestead of Hamel.


The Hemel Hempstead motto: Majora, Pulchiora, Eloriora, which translated means From greatness, more beauty with more scope.


Dacorum Borough Council

Councillors for Grovehill, Tory

Alex Bhinder

Terry Douris

Ann Ryan


Councillors for Woodhall Farm, Tory

Stephen Holmes, Mayor

Colette Wyatt-Lowe


There is good provision for sport with many football pitches.

Herts Baseball Club, one of the fastest growing groups in the country has a ball park on Grovehill Playing Fields. Incidentally, I see that they are looking for 'sluggers', whatever they are!


Hemel Stags Rugby Club with their own ground with a policy of work with local schools.  


Margaret Lloyd Playgroup at Grovehill Playing Fields is a voluntary aided play school for children aged 2-5 years and provides holiday playschemes for 3 - 6 year olds.


Cupid Cherubs, the Parent & Baby/Toddler Groups meet at the Adventure Playground on the Redbourn Road.




The Astley Cooper School, Aycliffe Drive Primary School, Maple Grove Primary School


Grovehill Medical Centre has a full general practice service and specialist clinics.


Grovehill Youth Centre 


Shops in Henry Wells Square