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Eastbrookhay Farm


Estebrook Farm 1200 was outside the present boundary.

I have been told that 'Eastbroc' is mentioned in grants made by Queen Eleanor and confirmed by King John in 1199 and 1204: 'Two acres in Estbroc and Thirty acres of assort in the wood of Eastbroc.' The word 'assort' was probably 'assart' a parcel of forested land cleared of trees for use in agriculture and other purposes.


In 1442 the manors called Westhay and Estebrokehay were settled on Richard de la Hay and his wife Margaret. In 1510 Edward de la Hay left these to his two daughters, Mary and Lucy in two portions. The word 'brook' comes from the Old English word 'broc' meaning an enclosure.


Estebrokehay fell to his daughter Mary of Goodese. Edward de la Hay, who died very wealthy is buried is buried in Berkhamsted church.


Jeremiah Stanbridge bought Eastbrookhay Farm from a Mr Meade.


The farm is still owned by the Stanbridge family and is now farmed by Jeremiah's great grandson, David with his father's help.


All the fields which form the boundaries of Grovehill belong to and are farmed by Eastbrookhay Farm.








Yet to come:


The problems of farming next to a housing estate.


The farming year with Peter Stanbridge.