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  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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The Grovehill Future Project


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In the future, Grovehill will be a welcoming, vibrant, busy place to live.


We would like Henry Wells square to be well lit, safe and attractive.


We would like to see a wide range of shops.


The medical centre will be in one building housing doctors’ surgery, dentists and clinic


Locals and visitors alike will be easily able to navigate their way through Grovehill/Henry Wells Square, by means of obvious roads and paths.


Our community centre will be updated, cheerful, open to all.


To help reduce running costs, we would like the building to have solar panels.


The new development will complement and integrate with the existing community.


The houses will be of good quality, solid, stable and secure.


The green spaces will be enhanced and valued.


There will be safe spaces and play areas for the children.


What is Grovehill Neighbourhood Plan?

A key planning document affecting the future of Grovehill

New rights and powers for the communities and individuals to get involved in planning for their area

Communities come together through their local council and say where they think new houses/businesses/shops should go

And what they should look like

It will eventually be adopted by Dacorum Borough Council and become a statutory , that is legal, planning document


 What has already been done?

March 2011 - Introduction to Grovehill Neighbourhood Plan


July 2011 - £20,000 grant funding from DBC


December 2011 - Launch  

Attended by over 100 residents, businesses, councillors and MP Mike Penning


May/June 2012 Formal Application

Workshops/Front Runners/ Summit.

Stages 1 & 2 completed.

   Boundary Plan Area discussed See map


October 2012 - Public Notice served


Dacorum Borough Council


You can be involved

You can be a part of it

You can join at any time

You can just turn up

at Grovehill Community Centre


Dacorum Borough Council