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 The Industrial Revolution

Cupid Green

The Cupid Green area at the north eastern edge of Grovehill has long been the site of dirty, dusty and dangerous industries. This was because the prevailing wind is assumed to blow the dust away from the town.


Clay was dug from the ground here and fired into bricks in kilns.


There was a blacksmith at the Cupid.


Later, 'Hemelite' was constructed from ash compressed into light building blocks


Goodness knows what was in the dust that blew across from the chemicals of the firework factory.


A dusty foundry was transferred from the High Street.


When the Buncefield oil storage depot exploded a mile way the results of the explosion were felt from miles away.


And the Nickey Line puffed and chugged its coal dust and smoke as it fed the need for power.


Now all Cupid Green means to people is somewhere to dispose of their refuse.


What a long way this is from the hamlet edged with farm workers cottages, the Cupid on the corner and and the very wide verges still to be seen there. I wonder whose orchard the apple tree beside the petrol garage belonged to.



I have received a request for anyone who has recollections of working for Brocks Fireworks or Phoenix Fireworks or has pictures, posters etc to contact or go to Contact Ruth.


When researching Davis and Bailey, of Boxmoor Ironworks I received a request for anyone who has memories or information to call 01442 393381 or contact or go to Contact Ruth. DAcorum Heritage has published a book about the Ironworks.


Brocks Fireworks

Claydales Brickworks later Hemelite

Ack-Ack Ordnance Depot

Cupid Green

Min. of Supply Buffer Depot>


Phoenix Fireworks

Hemel Engineering & Godwin's Siding >

Henry Wells Square present day

Grovehill House

Industries at Cupid Green circa 1939

Merbart Hosiery and Coolmetal Industries were both shown on a 60s map but no one knows anything about them!