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  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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A walk around Grovehill reveals remnants of the many orchards and fruit trees.


Every farmhouse or labourers cottage had its orchard.


New Town kids from Crawley Drive used to go scrumping the apple orchard that remained behind The True Blue.


There is a hedgerow of fruit trees which arch over the road at St Agnells, in Cupid Green Lane. I am told that these are probably Sloe or Blackthorn.


The houses in Yeoman's Way surround a crabapple tree, large cooking apples fall in the garden of an old flint cottage and from a roadside apple tree beside the Texaco Garage in Redbourn Road.

















Trees heavy with fruit arch over the road at St Agnells Lane


Blackberries, sloes and elderberries grow wild in the hedgerows. Rose Hips provide food for the birds through the winter.


















Rose Hips provide food for the birds in winter


Sloes, the fruit of the Blackthorn, can be picked in the Park over from the playground and there are many Blackthorn bushes in the hedgerow at the back of Robin Hood sports field.

Sloes can be used for Sloe Gin, pleasing to the taste and eye.


A walnut tree has been planted failry recently in Pennine Way. The nuts are small but sweet.


Modern grapes and passion fruit are growing in a garden on the old Brock's Fireworks site.  Why is it not a good idea to eat them? Anyway, these grapes and passion fruit are garden varieties and are not suitable for eating.


















Someone told me that some of the fruit trees of the orchard that was behind Grovehill House could still be found. The description of being in the middle of a bramble patch was most accurate. A wren followed me round as I explored.



















The Orchard in the Briars

Damson Tree 1 Rose Hips Passion Fruit 058 Grovehill Orchard in the Briar Patch