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 In Appreciation of Rev Hugh Cross


Rev Hugh Cross

Hugh arrived in HH from Zambia with Doreen daughters Janet and Kathleen, sons Alan and Graham.  They had a manse in Saturn Way. Hugh was a lovely man, such a good communicator; visited his congregation regularly, a real friend to us all. He was a part of the team ministry for Marlowes Baptist Church.  If you were troubled by anything, and hadn't already thought of it, friends would say "talk to Hugh".  He was highly respected and gave good practical advice on many occasions.  It is difficult to put into words just how much he was loved and respected by everyone.


Another memory recalled by a church member was that Hugh as a leader of the team and when faced with a situation on which people were finding it hard to agree, would not want it to be put to a vote. He would suggest that the decision was held off for prayerful consideration and by the grace of God this usually returned a decision acceptable to all.