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Romano, Romano-British

The Romans arrived to stay 43AD

Taxes were now paid to the Romans


The Romans took over the area built the city of Verulamium just below the old settlement of Verulamion and built villas all around, including one at Gadebridge. Another one just south of St Albans has recently been discovered.


The Britons were now slaves, working in the fields to produce grain for themselves, the Romans and the Roman army and helped to build houses like the one at Gadebridge. Some later worked their way into responsible employment to become the new Romano British aristocracy.


Verlamion was now deserted although the remains of the hill camp settlement can still be seen at Gorhambury.


The local people continued to farm. The corn was for the local people but corn was also supplied to the Roman army spread across Europe.


The Gadebridge Roman Villa

The site was first discovered in May 1992 by workers using bulldozers to make the Leighton Buzzard Road discovered some masonry which turned out to be a swimming pool. Excavation began 22 July 1963 on the Roman Villa in Gadebridge Park at the junction of Galley Hill and the Leighton Buzzard Road.

It was inhabited and extended after AD 43 by the Romans and was occupied and further extended over three hundred years. The excavation was recorded, preserved scheduled and filled in. Later in early 2000 it was realised that under the Roman building might be remains of an earlier building and on further excavation a hearth and stone quern were discovered which gave reason that the site might be earlier than was previously thought.  


Until the Leighton Buzzard Road was built in 1962 by the Development Corporation the main route through Hemel was by Marlowes and the High Street and Piccotts End. It was when this road was being built that the Roman Villa was discovered. Part of the villa swimming pool is under the road.


The Romans Left 400 AD, leaving Britain to the so-called Dark Ages.


Romans Arrived

 43 AD. Most Britons slaves, tax now paid to the Romans













 Gadebridge Villa




















 400 AD  The Romans Left

Dark Ages Debate