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  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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Ruth Clinch

For the book and website Ruth draws on scraps of information and personal experience gathered over the many years that she lived in Grovehill and has a lively curiosity about geology, natural history and history and community.


One of the pleasures of this study for her has been to meet so many interesting and diverse people who have made Grovehill a part of their lives and have been willing to share their memories so generously.


Ruth is mainly a gleaner, certainly not a serious historian or researcher, and this study has been a personal journey, with personal interpretation and whilst her aim has been to be as accurate as possible it is a generalisation and she readily apologises for any errors. One of her many challenges have been to make all the diverse information fit together in a coherent and attractive time line.


She would like to encourage anyone who would like to make their own web site to visit Webeden:


As could be seen from her web site

(prev Ruth enjoys travelling, takes pleasure in creative craft and philosophises on life. She has been an enthusiastic teacher of basic literacy and has taught locally, in the inner city of London and in Zaire. She has always taken a lively interest in whichever community she finds herself. She has a good, caring family, her son and his wife, and her three grandchildren live nearby. She has passed her three score years and ten.