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  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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Scratch the Surface...

Flint Nodule Clunch Wall Cottage Wall of Flint



Stone Age man was at work with flint around where Gaddesden Row is now. Flint was used to build St Mary's Church and flint walls can still be seen on many local houses.









          Flint                                 Clunch                            A Flint Nodule                          



Clay in the fields.

The heavy clay formed ground that was ideal to grow the oats, wheat and barley which can still be seen growing in the fields which form part of the boundary of Grovehill.








Clay to make tiles

The clay in this area is suitable to make tiles as it doesn't twist during firing.




Chalk to make the clay fertile

The clay needed dressing with lime, and dells where the chalk was extracted to produce lime can also be seen in the surrounding fields.




Brick Earth.

 The extremely cold conditions produced 'brick earth' which can be fired into bricks.




The white rock, clunch, is a hard form of chalk and can be seen on many houses.




Found in narrow bands associated with chalk and clay.



All this the riches of the land to be respected, and exploited to share.