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  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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Grovehill Chronicle~the Book


When Alexander first requested that I should gather historical and geographical information about Grovehill we had not considered in what form the information should be presented.


After some debate about what software would be most suitable, what software it was thought I could cope with, and because I was learning about how to set up a web site with Webeden ( it started life as a web site.


When he saw on the web site the information that I had collected Alex suggested that it called for a book. I had no intention of writing a book but so many of my friends told me that they preferred to read from a hard copy that I bowed to the inevitable, and the book was printed.


The book contains most of the information that is on the web site to October 2010 but in a more compact form.


Alex and I invited all the contributors to a buffet in Grovehill Community centre to which we also invited the local press. The buffet was a great success, lovely food, coffee served at the tables but we have had to wait for the press release.


The book costs £5.00 or £6.50 by post in UK.

It has about 50 pages A4 with 4 pages of photos, plastic bind.


It can be bought in person from Martins Newsagents, Henry Wells Square or from Bespoke Printers in Hemel Hempstead High Street.


Or ordered from the link button

or by email: or text 07745 372326



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