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The Pond in the Park

These are early pictures of the pond clearing in progress


In a hollow at the lower end of the park is a pond that was dug out when the park was renewed. It fits in the landscape so well that newcomers take it for granted that it has always been there. Having seen it dug out I understood that it was a new addition but on reflection maybe there was always a pond there before.


We can see how quickly a pond becomes choked and overgrown from the photos. Some if this was due to people dumping unsuitable plants in the pond. In the third photo half of the silt has been removed and new liners have been laid.


It took Councillor Ann Ryan over two years to push the finance through for the renovation of the pond, and over a year for the work to be completed. It cost £35,000, not a small amount, but a very expensive lining has been used which reseals itself if pierced.


Many families have used the BBQ stands in the park while sitting at the picnic seats, eating their steaks and burgers as they look over wonderful views. The solid BBQ stands protect the grassland from fire.


The planning of park facilities has to take into account constant challenges and the siting of the duck island has been one.


It is wonderful how wildlife survives and forgives such disruption. The Muntjacks are back early, so is the Heron and the Moorhens are raising a family. We are not sure whether the Mallards will return. Kingcups (Marsh Marigolds) Yellow Iris grow along the edge and masses of frogspawn in the shallows hatched into tiny tadpoles which must be frog leaping about somewhere.





John Saunder's Photos of the Park and Pond in Autumn



If you cross the road from the Grovehill Shops in Henry Wells Square you come into Margaret Lloyd Park.


Councillor Ann Ryan wrote:

I am glad you have enjoyed it Ruth, that was the idea. It is amazing how many residents didn't even know we had a park let alone a pond.

Ann says: I have learned to ignore the vandalism or I would sit down and cry.

The Pond Matures