The Community is a fellowship wherein each man & woman should find a place of significant service & creative living

  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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 The Procession Continues

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Shadrach Godwin 

  Owned Grovehill House.  


Sir Astley Paston Cooper 

 The first Mayor of Hemel Hempstead.


Sydney Elworthy  

 Second Lieutenant RAF 1917 lived in Grovehill House


Mr Henry Wells

  Chairman of the New Towns Commission, 1950


Margaret Lloyd  

  First Freeman of the town


Rev. Hugh Cross  

 Ministerial Team member 1977 


Ruth Clinch

 Author of Grovehill Chronicle


Telegraphist Eddie Pole

  Eddie Pole volunteered & served on an aircraft carrier in 1942


Peter Wagon

  Fine Arts Water Colour Artist


Sudha Brahmbhatt

  One of many Indian Asians who sought asylum from Idi Amin's terror in Uganda 


Betty Dunbar

  Betty was born at St Agnell's Farm


David Clarke

  David was born in Cupid Green and lived there for many years


Peter Stanbridge 

  Peter's family have farmed the fields around Grovehill for four generations


Astley Cooper Students

  Questions from Astley Cooper Students to Senior Citizens


Alan Naylor

  How Grovehill Youth Club came to be built


Jenny Bates

  Remembers a farm holiday in the 50's



Godwin's Will