The Community is a fellowship wherein each man & woman should find a place of significant service & creative living

  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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This is the history of the place where we live our lives.

This history of Grovehill starts with the land

The landscape and climate change

People arrive and very gradually over millennia

They start to change the small areas of the landscape

But some of the land remains the same

Then more people arrive who challenge this slow pace

They start to change larger areas of the landscape

But still, some of the land remains the same.


Now severely challenged

I am told

I was born in this farmhouse, it was my home.

My family has lived on this land for generations.

What about those people who owned and harvested this land,

Those who lost their homes and livelihoods

when the new houses came?

Please remember our sacrifice, reluctantly made


Now strangers now arrive from the wider world

Seeking a life free from fear

Seeking good employment opportunities

Wanting to learn new skills and trades

Seeking affordable homes to rent or buy

These all need people to provide the services that a New Town requires, government, the law, health care and education


The place we know as Grovehill has become our home.


Does Grovehill have a history?

Yes, Grovehill has a very rich history and we are still writing it.

















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Welcome to Grovehill Chronicle

Commissioned by Councillor Alexander Bhinder as an expression of civic pride in Grovehill.









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In the Chronicle so far the history of Grovehill presented as a procession.


The procession is continuing...





are needed to contribute to  

The Grovehill

Future Project

My plumber was telling me that having read the Chronicle he took his kids for walks around Grovehill.


Great! what more could I ask?