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  Grovehill, Piccotts End, Woodhall Farm and Phoenix

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       Can I see a picture of what Grovehill House was like when the New Town estate of Grovehill was being built?




     Might this be how the River Thames began?





     Is Pudding Stone one of the rarest stones in the world        as one book says?                                                                                             





           Is it true that Father Christmas Bart Simpson was seen on the chimney here last Christmas?





      Is it true that some of the old ploughmen sang monasterial chants to ther oxen when they were ploughing?





        Was there really a 'penny hang' where you could spend the night with your arm over a rope in a barn?






         Did the blue paint on the True Blue Inn refer to a Tory Party Inn or a Liberal Party Inn or just a cheap job lot at           B & Q?     





      Is it possible to see a heron at the pond?






       Did we probably get the name Dacorum due to a monk's spelling mistake?





        How did a bus come to be stuck at the junction of Pennine Way and Aycliffe Drive?





      How did they once bring a resident to the doctor's surgery  in very bad weather one year?


 Grovehill Chronicle

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They said Grovehill had no history

They were wrong about that


Grovehill has a very rich history

 and we are still writing it.

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